Providing IT support and services for not for profit organisations in the disability and aged care sector for the past 15 years’ means that you will not find another IT team who understands your business, funding constraints and working within grants as well as we do!

We understand that when you are provided with an opportunity to tender for work or apply for grants that you may need our assistance and support in the process, and that the timeframes are often very tight. We appreciate the importance of tenders and grants to the long-term viability of your organisation and we commit to doing what we can to support you in the application process.

Having reliable IT equipment and systems is vital to the success of any business; the costs often too high to be able to provide what your employees need to be efficient – for this reason we have developed a program where we provide and support refurbished IT equipment to keep your costs down.

Understanding the businesses, we support is important to us, within the not for profile sector this means we:

We know that people who work in the not for profile sector have high levels of social justice – meaning your team is driven by a cause and not necessarily the monetary reward, career progression or being a computer whiz! 

Our team are aware of and sensitive to this, and continuously work to support and accommodate everybody no matter their level of computer literacy – we will talk in ‘your language’.

Through our role we often lucky enough to be able to interact with your clients, people with disabilities and elderly residents, you can always be assured that our team are sensitive to your clients’ needs and will adapt our approach accordingly.

It is often through our not for profit organisations that we are able to find ways to ‘give back to the community’ and achieve Intra Tec’s corporate social responsibility goals.

See how we can help you with our affordable, flexible and reliable support options. Please contact us to discuss our support, maintenance and consultation rates.