Joe Trazerra

Founder, Director

Number of years’ experience in IT?
36 Years

Something not many people know about you?
I love servers rather than PC’s.

Worst thing about working in IT?
When I accidentally unplug the wrong cable and get that gut-wrenching feeling.

Best thing about working in IT?
I love my puzzles.

How did you end up working in the IT industry?
I had a Commodore 64 at home (like an Xbox or PlayStation).

The company I was working for at the time, the Australian Government, thought because I had a Commodore 64 I was experienced in IT and so they gave me a project to do which was putting together the new company computer system which was the size of a small bedroom!

What qualifications do you have?
A range of Novell, Pay Card Systems, Unix, Linux, Windows Server, Exchange Server and SQL Server certifications.

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